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The citizens of Irvine need three things:  true transparency, smart housing and a robust infrastructure.  That’s exactly why I’m running for office.  Let me share about my background so you get an understanding of who I am and why I can help serve you.  My extensive personal and business experience will help me serve the citizens of Irvine. 

My family and I have been in Irvine for the past 14 years and are raising 4 children, 2 of my own and 2 foster kids, all who attend Irvine public schools.  My husband and I support the Irvine Public School Foundation as Legacy Partners and support our Athletic booster club.  I proudly served 3 terms as PTA President and am continuing to serve on the School Site Council at my son’s high school.  What it takes to run a family also applies to running a city, a lot of work and dedication for others. 

I earned my degree from UC Davis and because of my education in writing and science, I earned my way up as a Regulatory Affairs Manager for a major biotech company.  My 8 years of experience in compliance with an emphasis on corrective and preventive actions is a proactive way of making sure Irvine thrives.  My husband and I have run our successful restaurant and catering business for over 13 years where we survived the recession by being fiscally responsible while keeping up with quality.  I am currently the Executive Director of a local non-profit, the Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council, where I work with faith communities and other non-profits to help address some of the issues in our community, like homelessness and human trafficking.

I am a Rotarian, serve on our Community Emergency Response Team and as a Steering Committee member on the Irvine Global Village Festival.  I’ve served on the City of Irvine’s Community Services Commission and have been actively engaged in many other community organizations and projects.  I have the experience in the business sector, private sector and am active in the non-profit sector, what that means is that I’m already integrating with the citizens of Irvine and getting a sense of what needs to be included in our city and that’s exactly why I’m focusing on true transparency, smart housing and a robust infrastructure. 

True Transparency

Transparency is a 2-way communication commitment between the citizens and the council to address the needs of the city and its residents.  We need council members that are dedicated to open the channels of engagement.  This includes offline engagement:  coffee meets, town halls and open office hours; and online engagement through email and social media that does not block people from sharing their input.  That’s why I’ve been on a Listening Tour since 2017, just to hear your concerns.

Smart Housing

Smart housing is making housing work for us, let me explain.  It includes the live, work and play model.  The smart housing model is integrated to help everyone, whether it’s a student fresh out of college, or active professionals with families, multi-generational families or retirees.  When smart housing is done properly, it is more integrative and reduces congestion and we won’t need extra lanes on our streets.  The problem isn’t that we’re building too much, the problem is that we as a city are not directing our developers to build for our need.  We can’t build high density housing where there is no public transit, the two go hand in hand.  If we want to reduce traffic, we need to build housing so people that work in Irvine can live in Irvine.  Growing smart today will provide for a better tomorrow for all of us.    

Robust Infrastructure

Infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges, it includes having enough schools, shopping centers and public transportation in our city while keeping an eye on the jobs for today and tomorrow.  We’re one of the safest cities and rank the best in public education and that is a key part of our infrastructure, as is business, technology and transportation. And while we're at it, protecting our environment by supporting Community Choice Energy, Zero Waste and other opportunities are beneficial to us all.  Our focus on maintaining and building today will result in the needed improvements for our future.

True transparency, smart housing and robust infrastructure is why I’m running for Irvine City Council.  I’m Farrah Khan and I want to earn your support and vote and there are 3 ways you can get involved with me:

  1. On Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 Vote for me, if you are not a voter in Irvine, please recommend me to your friends, neighbors and family who live in Irvine.
  2. Get involved now and volunteer to work with the Farrah Khan election campaign, this is how we achieve true transparency, smart housing and a robust infrastructure.   
  3. Contribute to the campaign, that’s how I will be able to reach out to even more voters in Irvine.

Thank you.



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