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Work  Experience

As a Regulatory Affairs Manager, Farrah made sure that the work being done by scientists and researchers was according to the rules and regulations set forth by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.  She and her team conducted regular audits and proposed corrective and preventive action reports to correct any immediate issues and propose preventive actions to avoid any potential issues in the future.  After eight years of service, she left her position in order to assist her husband with his business venture.

As a small business owner, she learned hands-on what it takes to run a profitable business, take hits, survive during the recession and work hard to make it worthwhile all over again.  Everyday brings a new challenge and she is ready for it.

As an Executive Director for a non-profit, Farrah's job allows her to meet many people with many different personalities.  She feels great pride and honor to be able to work with so many people on issues that affect our communities, like homelessness, human trafficking, hate crimes, hunger and more.  However, the best part of her job is when we all come together to celebrate one another.  

Community Relations

Farrah has always enjoyed working with the community. She started by volunteering at her children's school and several non-profits. She committed to being an active PTA member and has since served on the PTA Board at the Elementary and Middle School level. She served as PTA President for 3 terms at her sons' elementary school, served on the PTA Board at the Middle School and is currently serving on the School Site Council at the High School. She and her husband are also Legacy Partners with the Irvine Public School Foundation.

She has worked extensively with many community organizations to host events, collaborate on efforts and provide support. She founded a children's interfaith group, First Drops in 2011. The organization provides children (ages 5-13) and their families opportunities to go on site visits to churches, synagogues, mosques and temples throughout Orange County to get a better understanding of one another. The group partners with a local Church every 4th Sunday of the month to feed the homeless population in Santa Ana.

One of Farrah's joys has been serving on the Steering Committee for the Irvine Global Village Festival for the past 7 years. She is also a proud CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer with the Irvine Police Department, a program she highly recommends for every resident and business of Irvine.

Community Services Commission

Farrah was appointed as a Community Services Commissioner in 2014. During her time as Commissioner, she was the only Commissioner who took the time to get to know the city parks, open spaces, land development, amenities and employees. She was an advocate for sufficient park space.

Commitment to Work Together

Farrah has a strong understanding of what it takes to make a city provide the best for its residents, businesses and employees. "It takes a partnership of all stakeholders to make a city the best it can be. I am committed to work with our:

  • police and city staff to provide the best in safety and operations,
  • developers and corporations to benefit Irvine's growth as a Master Planned community, 
  • businesses and the chamber for the enrichment of our city,
  • non-profits to enhance our city's experience, and
  • residents to provide the services needed."

She is committed to keep Irvine the best for our future generations. The awards and recognition she has received throughout the years is a testament to her commitment to service. Her most recent being the 2015 Community Service Leader Award from the OC Human Relations Commission.

Farrah came close in 2016, let's help her get the job done in 2018. She knows the city, its people and cares about its future growth. She believes in diversity, equality and respect for all. 

We cannot afford to rescind and correct mistakes because some of our council members are not making pro-active decisions. With our recent spike in growth and population, we need a council that is ready and able to work hard to build up our infrastructure, provide transparency in decision making and find innovative solutions to become economically and environmentally sustainable. We can't expect change by voting for the same people again and again.  

"I hope you'll join me in bringing a proactive voice to City Council in 2018."

Committee to Elect Farrah N. Khan for Irvine City Council 2018 FPPC #1379227
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