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This page features my positions on issues relevant to our community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and site visitors can click through to see additional information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 

Public Accountability and Transparency

Actions have been taken by our City Council recently that are troubling, from being on their cell phones during Council meetings to simply getting up and walking away as residents speak during public comments.  In addition, we have the Irvine Community Land Trust (ICLT) which receives millions of dollars from the city to help create affordable housing, break ties with the city to avoid public transparency (meetings are no longer public) yet still receive city funding. That funding is voted on by two members of the City Council who sit on the ICLT board. This doesn’t seem right.

Smart Growth and Affordable Housing

Irvine was incorporated in 1971. At the time of the 1970 census, Irvine’s population was just over 10,000. Today, at almost 270,000, we are the third largest city in Orange County and the 16th most populous city in California. As a master-planned community, growth was anticipated. Balanced, managed growth, with the necessary infrastructure in place to support that growth.

Investing in Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation upon which great cities are built. More than just roads and bridges, it includes housing, schools and universities, childcare centers, retail shopping centers, parks and open space, public transportation, hike and bike trails and even the human infrastructure — our people.

Transportation, Transit and Mobility

I know people think we all love our cars, but the truth is one of the greatest challenges to the people who live and work in Irvine is traffic congestion and a lack of high quality transit options. Many people in Irvine have lived in cities — both here and abroad — with efficient transit systems. They want alternatives to the slow crawl on the 405, the 5 and our main city streets during commute hours. The crush of cars outside every Irvine school in the morning and afternoon presents safety challenges and creates stress for parents and children alike.

Public Safety

When you have been recognized as America’s Safest City for 12 years straight, you have no place to go but down. That’s why investing in public safety must remain our highest priority. With nearly $80 million (out of a nearly $200 million budget) directed to public safety this year, we still fall below the 1:1000 ratio of officers to residents. That needs to change.

Orange County Veteran's Cemetery

Irvine voters have spoken. By a margin of 63%, they rejected an action taken by the City Council to swap the 125 acres of land in the Great Park designated for the Veterans Cemetery for private-developer owned land near the freeway. It’s clear the people want the Veterans Cemetery to be part of the transformation of the El Toro Marine Base where so many service men and women served, were deployed and returned — if they were lucky.

Addressing the Issue of Homelessness in Orange County

Irvine is one of thirty-four cities in Orange County — and our County Board of Supervisors is responsible for addressing homelessness and many other social challenges faced by people who live throughout the county. We are, by any measure, a fortunate community. From “Safest City in America” to one of the “Best Cities to Live In,” we have much to be proud of. But like all communities, our residents face the adverse impacts of social challenges — from homelessness and addiction, to mental illness and suicide. Even students at UCI are finding themselves accessing the on-campus food pantry and sleeping in their cars due to economic hardship. This is a serious matter. As leaders, we must acknowledge these challenges rather than turning a blind eye or burying our heads in the sand. 

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