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Transportation, Transit and Mobility

I know people think we all love our cars, but the truth is one of the greatest challenges to the people who live and work in Irvine is traffic congestion and a lack of high quality transit options.
Many people in Irvine have lived in cities — both here and abroad — with efficient transit systems. They want alternatives to the slow crawl on the 405, the 5 and our main city streets during commute hours. The crush of cars outside every Irvine school in the morning and afternoon presents safety challenges and creates stress for parents and children alike.

We must do better. I am an advocate for improved transit through our business centers with expanded I-Shuttle routes and better coordination with the Orange County Transportation Authority on regional bus routes that serve Irvine. Irvine has a great network of bike trails which can be better utilized. I support the “Safe Routes to School” program to encourage kids to walk to school and I would also encourage the Irvine Unified School District to look at expanded school bus routes.

When we talk about safety in our city, we can’t ignore the traffic accidents, some fatal, that occur more frequently with people running red lights and driving distracted on busy roads. Housing, transportation and public safety are all related. We must ensure that our priorities are balanced and that in every way possible we are preserving and enhancing Irvine’s quality of life.

Committee to Elect Farrah N. Khan for Irvine City Council 2018 FPPC #1379227
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