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I've known Farrah for years, and she is one of the most authentic, honest, straightforward, compassionate and well-informed people I have ever met. She has been involved in the Irvine community since she first moved here, working at her kids' schools, supporting programs at UCI, reaching out to local underserved groups, bringing together our city's diverse religious organizations (she even started an interfaith youth choir!).  She has studied and understands the minutiae of city governance and has the patience and humility to reach across the aisle to find common ground. Apart from all her public assets, she is also an incredible friend and parent, someone who can always be counted on in an emergency. She holds solid progressive values, but is not an ideologue. Farrah looks at situations objectively and researches them before giving a response; she is truly selfless, and she truly cares. I can't think of a better candidate for Irvine City Council.

— Felicity Figueroa, Irvine Resident, Irvine Wall of Recognition Honoree

I unreservedly endorse Farrah Khan for Irvine City Council. She is truly independent of developer influence and will represent Irvine residents, not special interests. A well-qualified candidate with great integrity, honest, and grit. Farrah is a giver not a taker who has been serving the community for years!


— Steven Goetz, Irvine Resident, Veteran 1969-1971 Army Artillery, OC Community College Teacher of the Year 2001

I am proud to endorse Farrah Khan for Irvine City Council. I know Farrah shares the same values of building livable communities for all as I do. We need fresh thinking and practical, progressive voices on our City Council, and Farrah will be just that.

— Tim Shaw, Woodbridge Resident, Former Executive Director, Irvine Public Schools Foundation

I support Farrah Khan for City Council because she is for transparency in government, city oversight of unchecked development and because she is honest, forthright and determined to be an advocate for Irvine city residents on environmental issues and other important issues. She is approachable, honest and trustworthy. Irvine needs more local politicians like her. Our interests have to be protected against the developers.

— Catherine Liu, Irvine Resident, UCI Professor

I appreciate Farrah's commitment to environmental protection in Irvine, especially her support of community choice energy. — Kathleen Treseder, Irvine Resident

I support Farrah Khan. She has first-hand experience in participating in our local government. She shares my values of fairness for all. She is a smart, direct, thoughtful person who listens, and engages with all people. She is the type of leader we need more of here in Irvine. She is fiscally responsible and will help our city and businesses to continue prospering and will be an advocate for all the citizens alike: children, women and men. — Karle Montgomery, Irvine Resident, Former City of Irvine Finance Committee Commissioner

As an local Activist, and member of the Democrats of Greater Irvine Club, I have heard Farrah speak, as our DPOC Vice Chair, about the area in which we have lived for close to 30 years. My husband, Gene, and I are proud to endorse her because she cares deeply about the people of Irvine, and does not take any money at all from the local big developers or corporations which may cause a conflict of interest. She has integrity, and experience, and that is what matters to my husband and myself. She will protect our needs over the greed of Irvine's big developers.

— Laurel Davila, Irvine Resident, Community Advocate

“Best Candidate for the Community” — Carolyn Fowler, Community Leader

I first met Farrah Khan through our joint pursuit of Interfaith understanding. She is a shining light, able to draw people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints together, helping them find commonality. She exudes kindness and fairness. In these troubling times, Farrah possesses just the qualities we seek in good leaders. I heartily endorse her candidacy for Irvine City Council.

— Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein, Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation B'nai Tzedek

I think she is the right candidate for the job. — Ali Moghaddam, Irvine Resident (Spectrum)

It is an honor to endorse Farrah Khan for City Council in Irvine. She is a wise, competent, energetic, person who will bring all of those qualities to her work on behalf of the community. I have worked with her in several organizations and can attest to the fact that she is an active member of her community and understands the problems facing those who live in Irvine. She is active with many groups working to make Orange County a just place for all who want to make it their home. She will be a credit to the community as she works tirelessly as a member of the City Council.   

— Rev. Karen Stoyanoff, Ph.D.

I strongly support Farrah Khan for Irvine City Council. Her honesty, integrity and intelligence will make her a GREAT asset. — Jane Olinger, Irvine Resident

It always amazes me to see someone with a lot of dedication for the community who put so much hard work despite having other responsibilities of being a mother of growing boys and a busy husband. She is the "Iron Woman" who never skips a beat to attend any important community event and get involved in the affairs of all including, Immigration, business network, women empowerment and many more. As a professor at El Camino College and a Realtor for past 15 years I am honored to endorse Farrah Khan for the Irvine City Council. — Naveed Ghori, College Professor

It gives me immense pleasure to write something about Farrah. She is doing so much for the community. Since I know her, I have always seen her involved in many social activities. She is there for the community. Helping children, women and anyone who needs her support. She is working hard for the betterment of the city. I have witnessed the exceptional contributions that Farrah has made to the community. Not only is she an excellent and hard-working, but she has dedicated herself to enriching the lives of people around her. Farrah is truly special for her compassion and commitment to helping others. I wish her luck for future endeavor. — Akshita Khurana, Irvine Resident

Go Farrah! — Alex Trump, Irvine Resident

I am proud to support Farrah for Irvine City Council.  She will be an asset to the Council and a voice for everyone. — Asam Sheikh, Business Owner

I have followed Farrah Khan's public career and civic activism now for some time. As a former elected official myself, and still active in our civic life and state and national issues -- a 52 year Irvine Village Pioneer -- I recognized her as a real asset to our community, and eventually, I hope if she wants a political future, to our county, state and nation. No on B was important to me. I support Ed Pope for Mayor, but I know that Farrah will do the right thing, what we in Irvine wanted the City Council to do: Move the Veterans Cemetery back to its original ARDA site. One other issue also resonated especially to me. Farrah's answer to a question about what Irvine should do if ordered to house 50 homeless people was excellent. It was well thought out, had depth, creativity and understanding of who the homeless population generally is and what they need to get back on their feet and on to housing that they might actually be able to pay for. Irvine was once a star when it came to public planning. It can be again. We can build the most innovative and successful homeless complex, with permanent housing and wrap around services here in Irvine. While it is being planned and built, we can surely find a way, with all our resources, to house 50 people, including families with children, in safe, humane and healthy temporary quarters.

Yes, Farrah might want to have a political career. I admire that. After all, surely we do not want to be governed by amateurs and reality stars forever. People who have made a study of government on every level, who have ideas, who listen to facts, who can communicate well and love to do so, and especially women -- yes, I want to see them now and I want to see them in every electoral race. Bravo, Farrah Khan!

— Sharon Toji, Irvine Resident

I support Farrah N Khan. — Fazila Ayub, Irvine Resident

I fully support Farrah for Irvine City Council. — Rana Mohiuddin, Resident

Women In Leadership is a bi-partisan Political Action Committee formed in 1993 for the purpose of electing women candidates to local, regional and state-wide office who are dedicated to keeping access to full reproductive rights.  We are proud to endorse Farrah N. Khan for Irvine City Council.

— Women In Leadership

— WAVE - Women for American Values and Ethics

— National Women's Political Caucus

— Orange County League of Conservation Voters

— Sierra Club

— OC Professional Firefighters

— Democratic Party of Orange County

— Progressive Change Campaign Committee

— Orange County Young Dems

— Korean American Democratic Committee

— Move On

— Democratic Foundation of Orange County

— Progressive Democrats of America OC

— Democracy for America

— Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood

— OC Labor Federation

— National Union of Healthcare Workers

— International Union of Operating Engineers

— Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

— American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

— Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 582

— Unite Here Local 11

Having served as a City Council member and Mayor in Irvine, I know it takes a passion and credibility for public service, an appreciation for the value of community, a willingness to fight for the interests of our city and our citizens to do the job well. Farrah Khan exemplifies all of these — and more. That's why I am voting for Farrah Khan on November 6th.

— Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang (Ret)

As my Community Services Commissioner, Farrah Khan demonstrated her passion for people, for community-building and for public service.  She has the kind of head and heart we need more of in government.  I know Farrah will always put the public interest first.  That's why she has my endorsement for Irvine City Council.

— Irvine Mayor Beth Krom (Ret)

Farrah Khan will be the voice of the community on the Council. Her commitment to improve the quality of life for Irvine residents will be the driving force behind her decision-making process, and she will represent the interests of the citizens of Irvine with passion and dedication. 

— Irvine Community Services Commissioner Shiva Farivar (Ret)

I have known Farrah and am confident that she will be the voice of the community on the City Council.

— Irvine Community Services Commissioner Khalouk Hibrawi (Ret)

Farrah Khan has dedicated much of her life to advancing the progressive values of our Democratic Party.  On the City Council, she will serve as a needed voice for residents and a tireless champion for safe neighborhoods, expanded youth programs, smart housing solutions, and a transparent City Hall. Farrah’s campaign has the energy, support, and momentum needed to win in November, and the Democratic Party of Orange County is proud to join with so many other prominent leaders and organizations in supporting her.

— DPOC Chairwoman, Fran Sdao

— Congressman Alan Lowenthal

— Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (Ret)

— Congressman Lou Correa

I am pleased to endorse Farrah Khan for Irvine City Council. Farrah's experience as a business owner, interfaith leader, city commissioner, and mother has informed and inspired her candidacy. Valuing the diversity of the city as its most important attribute, Farrah will serve the residents and businesses of Irvine with openness, transparency, fairness, respect, and integrity.

— CA State Controller Betty Yee

Farrah Khan is a smart and experienced local leader who understands that effective governance is about bringing people together in order to get things done. I know that Farrah will make a great City Council member – one who is responsive, creative, principled, and progressive. I am proud to announce my endorsement of Farrah Khan for City Council.

— President Pro Tempore of the CA State Senate Kevin DeLeon

— CA State Senator Connie Leyva

— CA State Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva

Farrah is the kind of leader that Irvine needs. She has been a voice for residents and small businesses and has always sought to empower the underrepresented. Her work in the interfaith community is commendable and is indicative of the kind of collaborative, community-based partnering she would bring to the the City Council. I am proud to support her.

— Mt. San Antonio College Board of Trustee Jay Chen

— Coast Community College Trustee, Dr. Lorraine Prinsky

— Long Beach Community College Board Trustee, Uduak Ntuk

— City of Anaheim Councilman, Dr. Jose Moreno

— City of Anaheim Councilman, Jordan Brandman (Ret)

I believe Farrah is the right choice for Irvine. She has the corporate, small business and nonprofit experience needed to make sound decisions for Irvine's future. I am thrilled that her campaign is putting Irvine residents first and look forward to supporting her candidacy.

— City of Artesia Council Member Ali Sajjad Taj

— City of Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley

— City of Costa Mesa Council Member John Stephens

— City of Fullerton Council Member Jesus Silva

Farrah has my full support.  She will represent the Irvine community well.




— City of Garden Grove Councilwoman, Diedre Thu Ha Nguyen

— City of Laguna Beach Councilwoman Toni Iseman


— City of Santa Ana Council Member Sal Tinajero

— City of Tustin Council Member Letitia Clark

Farrah has worked hard in the community for over 10 years from serving as PTA President to being on the Steering Committee for the Irvine Global Village Festival. As a School Board Member, I see her commitment to her community! I am thrilled to endorse her for Irvine City Council knowing that she will represent the community and our youth!

— Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Al Jabbar

Farrah is a fearless leader who always does what is right. She is a proud supporter of public schools and I trust she will have families in mind as she serves on the Irvine City Council.

— Garden Grove Unified School District Trustee, Walter Muneton

It’s always great to see friends of education like Farrah Khan working on behalf of children in the community. Over the years I have come to know Farrah and her work with residents and the greater community of Irvine. Farrah puts residents first. She has not and will not succumb to special interests and works for the people. She continuously works hard in the community and assures transparency and integrity at the local level. I’m proud to know her and support and endorse her wholeheartedly for the Irvine City Council.

— Ocean View School District Board Trustee, Gina Clayton-Tarvin

— Santa Ana Unified School Board Trustee, Valerie Amezcua

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